The mission of North Park is to create the Urban Heart of North Denver that sets the standard in Environmental Stewardship, Healthy Living and Innovation.

Environmental Stewardship

Protect the Region’s Ecology
Transition from Car Dependence

Healthy Living

Prioritize Public Spaces
Be Genuine and Unique to this Place
Have Multi-Generational Appeal
Emphasize Experiences
Embrace Diversity


Propel Ideas and Improvements
Rethink Traditional Development Patterns
Remain Relevant and Adaptable


North Park will be a vibrant 1,100-acre mixed-use community incorporating a balance of urban connectivity, natural open space, and plenty of amenities for a mix of urban and healthy living.

The dynamic urban fabric of North Park will be defined by a series of villages, town centers, and campuses connected by both pedestrian-friendly tree lined streets and a natural area trail corridor connecting the community at each corner. Shopping, dining and entertainment venues are proposed to be aligned side by side with office, research, medical and residential uses combined to offer one-of-a-kind urban experience.

1,100 acres


145 acres




973 units above 6,200


Up to 375,000 SF


Up to 50,000 SF


Up to 115,700 SF


The retail and hospitality at North Park is about experiences—walkability, unique offerings, and interactions with neighbors and co-workers. North Park’s strategic location in Broomfield will be the perfect place for a unique array of retail possibilities with local and regional emphasis. The unique collective of retail will serve as a gathering place of interactions.

The retail and hospitality experience at North Park is about transcending a mixed urban environment and connecting with a variety of surrounding uses that are highly amenitized and experiential gathering spaces.

15,000 - 130,000 SF


Hwy. 7 & Sheridan Pkwy.


1.0 - 1.5 acres




The Applied Research and Science Park will play an integral part of North Park’s community as it provides a supportive environment for researchers and companies to connect, collaborate, innovate and commercialize new technology ideas on an on-going basis. The products of applied research parks can be the source of new technology business endeavors both within the park and in the region, creating new “knowledge-based” jobs for local Colorado residents.

North Park is ideal to be the home of the Nation’s next premier, all-inclusive Applied Research and Science Park. Colorado’s hospitable climate provides the perfect setting for solar, wind, geothermal and other leading edge business opportunities. The outdoor lifestyle will attract and retain creative talent and technical experts that continue to grow these industries. Wind energy, natural gas, solar, biodiesel, and bio power giants are located nearby, comprising a renewable and clean energy cluster vital to the success of important state-wide energy efforts.


Prospect Ridge Academy

northpark-prospect-ridge-academyProspect Ridge Academy (PRA), the first leading academic partner at North Park, currently provides children in grades K-12 an education with a focus on math and science to develop a “lasting body of knowledge” and to become intellectually competent. The PRA educational philosophy challenges all students with a rigorous curriculum and provides necessary skill sets for future success and leadership roles. PRA’s instruction and elementary, middle school and high school programs provide a strong science and math foundation for students to remain competitive in the global academic arena. PRA utilizes the national Core Knowledge Sequence to continually meet and exceed Colorado content standards in all subject areas.

Students at PRA receive science education in a lab style Full Option Science System (FOSS) program, allowing students access to scientific lab environments. This laboratory and research-based college preparatory approach to scientific learning and programming will nicely complement the research & scientific community planned at North Park. This world-class synergy will provide a comprehensive foundation for life-long learning for all ages.

STEM Education at North Park

With three STEM-focused schools engaging students in grades K-12, Adams 12 Five Star Schools is a leader in STEM education within Colorado; and it’s embarking on a public-private/nonprofit partnership to bring STEM to North Park.

In the Five Star District, STEM classrooms are rich in questioning and inquiry, and where students have frequent opportunities to apply engineering design and problem-solving processes to authentic, real-world challenges. The classrooms are flexible in design and promote an innovative learning theory for all students.

The North Park Partnership currently consists of Adams 12 Five Star Schools, the Butterfly Pavilion, mindSpark Learning, McWHINNEY and the City and County of Broomfield. The goal of the North Park Partnership is to build STEM at North Park, which would serve 1,900 students at capacity in grades K-12. This new school will include:

  • problem solving with field and lab researchers to spark the next generation of change agents;
  • stewardship of environmentally-focused outdoor learning lab and research spaces;
  • research and internship opportunities;
  • mentorship from Butterfly Pavilion scientists and experts;
  • shared facilities;
  • grants and joint projects; and
  • educator professional learning.

The Office Park at North Park will offer a convenient central location in north Denver with quick and easy access to I-25 and Northwest Hwy., Denver International Airport, downtown Denver and other regional attractions. Surrounded by a medical campus and research/science park, this corporate office park will complement industry leading companies, practices and specialties.

At North Park, businesses will have the opportunity to share in a synergy and competitive advantage that is unmatched in the marketplace. Class A office space will connect with pedestrian-friendly tree lined streets, include gathering places, bike paths,  and connect to a central walking park. Shopping, dining, and entertainment venues are proposed in walking distance to the adjacent office campus.

17,000 - 115,700 RSF


Hwy. 7 & I-25


4/1,000 Ratio

Join North Park’s medical anchor, University of Colorado Health, at this Class-A Medical Campus and have direct access to leading medical providers and services with connection to the Children’s Hospital across the street. Surrounded by complementary practices and specialties, medical professionals at North Park will share in a synergy and competitive advantage. The healthcare campus will be within close proximity to surrounding University of Colorado Health area hospitals providing the best in patient care and medical conveniences. This up and coming healthcare campus will offer top level health services, state-of-the-art equipment, employee and patient connections, in addition to other campus amenities.

University of Colo. Health


10,000 - 50,000 RSF


Highway 7


4.5/1,000 Ratio


North Park will create a rich, mixed-use community through thoughtful planning and amenities that promote live, work, and play principles. Outside the urban areas, residential development may be more suburban in character and arranged in a horizontal mix of land uses while still placing residents in close proximity to employment, shopping, green space, recreation and services. This principle will provide a variety of density and products ranging from paired homes to multifamily uses.

These residential neighborhoods are to comprise a variety of dwellings to serve a diverse population. Residential neighborhoods will have definable edges, walks and trails, public and private outdoor spaces, and will respect surrounding views and vistas. The North Park residential community will create a sense of place where land uses, natural landscaping, and community identity will be integrated.

The primary goals of residential neighborhoods is toprovide a compelling mix of housing choices at a variety of price points; encourage walking and biking to points throughout the community; connect residents to gathering places, employment, restaurants, and services; and provide convenient links to the regional trail network.

Click here, to learn about KB Homes current residential offerings at North Park.

McWHINNEY is a Colorado-based real estate investment firm with offices in Loveland and Denver, comprising a team of talented professionals who are passionate about creating great places and providing awe inspiring experiences. Since 1991, McWHINNEY has planned and developed more than 6,000 acres of innovative and sustainable master-planned communities and more than 7 million square feet of vertical commercial and mixed-use properties throughout the Rocky Mountain region and the West Coast. Over the years, McWHINNEY has been recognized for significant real estate development contributions, including being named Colorado’s “Developer of the Year” by the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP), winner of the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Global Awards for Excellence, The Denver Business Journal (DBJ) Real Estate Champions – Catalyst Award for Denver Union Station and the Development Deal of the Year for Denver Union Station by NAIOP. McWHINNEY has been ranked 11 and 13 on the list of the Best Small and Medium-Sized Companies to work for in America. For additional information, visit
If you want to locate your next store, restaurant or hotel in a remarkable growing area with great visibility and traffic from Highway 7 and I-25, North Park certainly has an opportunity for you. There are ownership and build-to-suit office and medical opportunities available, please call 720.360.4700 for more information.

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